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Swann Partners with InstallerNet to Offer Security Installation Services

NORTH ANDOVER, Mass. – September 25, 2012 – InstallerNet, a Boston-based company that coordinates installation of consumer and commercial electronics through the largest network of independently owned mobile and home electronics installers in the United States, announced today a new partnership with Swann (‘Swann’), , a  leading provider of residential and commercial video security products. InstallerNet will provide nationwide installation services for Swann’s residential and commercial video surveillance product line. The Swann product line includes wired and wireless security cameras and DVR-based surveillance systems as well as IP cameras, integrated LCD/DVR systems and PCI DVR cards.

The new partnership gives users of Swann products instant access to installation support, through InstallerNet's nationwide network of certified installers specifically trained to perform installations of Swann products. When a Swann customer contacts InstallerNet to schedule an installation, InstallerNet customer service representatives will select a local installer and then schedule and track each installation. Installation services will be tailored to the specific requirements and may include hardware setup, camera mounting and cable runs in addition to network connectivity and configuration of remote viewing over the internet or smart-phones.

"We at Swann are thrilled to be working with InstallerNet to ensure the highest quality customer support in regards to the installation of our product. Our market research tells us there is untapped demand for our products from people that don’t have the time or perceive they don’t have the skill to ‘do-it-themselves’. InstallerNet will help us reach out to those consumers”, said Guy Pithie, VP Sales at Swann Communications USA.

"We're excited to support Swann’s go-to-market strategy and become the installation provider of their security and surveillance solutions while ensuring the highest level of performance for end-user customers," said Bill Ali, SVP of Sales and Marketing. “This is a partnership we have been looking forward to for a long time, and I’m proud to announce it.”


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